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The ESS Vice™ Rx Insert includes:
  • A metal and mono-filament-framed Vice™ Rx Carrier
  • A black nosepiece for ESS Crossbow™, Suppressor™, Crosshair™, ICE™ and ICE NARO™ eyeshields

SKU: ESS 740-0308
38,00 €

Tactical Foodpack | Rice and Veggies

A delicious vegan dish with rich and many wok-vegetables.

Fresh cabbage adds freshness to the food, while beans make it more nutritious.

Therefore, the dish has a high calorific value of 645 kcal, being more nutritious than several meat dishes.

The dish is made with hot water in 8 minutes and with cold water in 16 minutes.

Energy content per portion is 645 kcal.

The dish is gluten- and lactose-free.

Suitable for both vegans and meat lovers.


SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Rice and Veggies | 645kcal ,   Qty: 4
8,90 €



SKU: ESS 740-0445 ,   Qty: 5
30,00 €

ESS ICE Lens Smoke Grey 740-0011

SKU: ESS 740-0011 ,   Qty: 8
24,00 €

Tactical Foodpack | Maroccan Lentils Pot

Moroccan-flavoured and slightly spicy lentil stew with a recognisable taste of cumin. Contains rice and sweet potatoes. Meat-free, dairy-free, flour-free.



SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Maroccan Lentils Pot | 480kcal ,   Qty: 2
8,90 €