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Tactical Foodpack | Sweet Potato Curry

A duet of sweet and spice that invigorates the senses and warms the hearts. Coconut milk and lime add the right taste of curry. Served with fluffy rice. Meat-free, dairy-free, flour-free.




SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Sweet Potato Curry | 470kcal ,   Qty: 3
8,90 €

ESS Crossbow Lens Copper 740-0426

SKU: ESS 740-0426 ,   Qty: 1
35,00 €

ESS Crossbow Lens Yellow 740-0423

SKU: ESS 740-0423 ,   Qty: 4
35,00 €

The ESS Low-Pro Replacement Nosepiece comes standard with ESS Crossbow®, Crossbow Suppressor™, ICE™ and ICE NARO™ eyeshields.

It is also compatible with ESS Crosshair™ eyeshields.


SKU: ESS 740-0473 ,   Qty: 7
13,00 €

Tactical Foodpack | Veggie Wok and Noodles

Vegetable-noodle wok is specially developed for vegans, but will surely be appreciated by meat lovers.

Although the dish itself is 100% vegan, it contains a lot of necessary nutrients and has a high calorific value, which provides you with sufficient energy even for the most difficult hikes.

The dish is made with hot water in 8 minutes and with cold water in 16 minutes.

Energy content per portion is 551 kcal. The dish is lactose-free


SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Veggie Wok and Noodles | 551kcal ,   Qty: 4
8,90 €