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NEOS overshoes

What exactly are NEOS?

They're not galoshes and they're definitely not rubbers. In fact, they're like nothing you've ever seen before. Using modern materials, NEOS have taken a proven concept and made it better. Instead of having separate boots, you just slide NEOS over your shoes and secure the nylon strap for a perfect fit. Shoes, socks, pants or nylons all stay dry tucked into the waterproof nylon upper and the lugged sole provides the traction you need to stay your feet.

Are NEOS the original New England Over Shoe?

Yes. The New England OverShoe Co. was founded in 1994 to bring a new concept to the tried and true benefits of a galosh or rubber overshoe. Every year there are new and improved materials, designs and styles to satisfy unique overshoe requirements.

What makes them so good?

NEOS are made from some of the toughest and most technically advanced materials available today. The uppers are constructed of highly durable Denier Nylon (the material that good backpacks are made from) which has been specially treated inside and out to provide extra waterproof protection. NEOS also have a unique design that makes them easy to put on and take off. The soles are lugged just like the sole of your favorite hiking boot. So whether it's rain, snow or just plain slush, NEOS will keep your feet and favorite shoes dry and protected.

Are NEOS really waterproof and submersible in water?

Absolutely waterproof. The tough upper material for most styles is either a 500 or 160 Denier nylon combined with a clear polyurethane film laminated inside for waterproofing. The fully gusseted upper keeps water out and all seams are fused and sealed with a waterproof PU tape. NEOS fully protect good leather boots or shoes. Note: Light dampness and slight puddling of moisture may occur inside the overshoes from perspiration. This can be wiped clean with a paper towel.

Are these worn over your shoes?

Yes, all NEOS styles are overshoes and intended to be worn over your favorite footwear. We do not recommend wearing them over your stocking feet, but you can if you are so inclined.

Can I wear them while driving?

Yes, but make sure you have a good fit, the strap is pulled tight and Velcro attached. As with wearing any snow boot, some common sense and care should be taken to make sure your foot has ample space to properly control the foot pedals.

I walk a long distance to the train; will they be "clunky"? No, as long as the size of the NEOS is appropriate for the size shoe you are wearing. Also, cinch the strap tight and Velcro it closed.

Are they warm?

Yes. Although the non-insulated styles may not look warm, they are. The analogy is like putting a weatherproof outer shell (wind or rain jacket) on when headed out in bad weather. Putting NEOS on over your shoes is the same thing. Not only do they keep you dry but they keep you warmer because your shoes are dry and out of the wind. The insulated styles are much warmer due to 10 mm of PU foam built into the boot. The non-insulated styles add 20 degrees F. and the insulated styles add 40 degrees F. added warmth.

How do you clean them?

NEOS can be easily cleaned with warm water and a soapy sponge or a soft brush, then put out to dry. We do not recommend putting them in a washing machine.