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Tootekood: Tactical Foodpack | Maroccan Lentils Pot | 480kcal ,   Laoseis: 2
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ESS ICE Frame Kit - Black 740-0082

The ICE Frame and Nosepiece Kit includes a pair of newly-designed temple pieces, a replacement nosepiece, and an elastic retention strap for the ICE 2.4 and ICE-2X Eyeshields.

These new ICE temples feature improved fit with headborne equipment and increased ease of temple adjustment and lens exchange.

Adjustable earbends allow for a comfortable, secure, anatomical fit. Telescoping temples offer bend-to-fit inner-wire ear tabs and connection hole for a snap-on leash system.

Tootekood: ESS 740-0082 ,   Laoseis: 4
19,00 €

ESS ICE Lens Yellow 740-0088

Tootekood: ESS 740-0011 ,   Laoseis: 8
24,00 €

ESS Crossbow Suppressor Frame Kit - Terrain Tan 740-0532

Replacement Terrain Tan frame for Crossbow Suppressor glasses. Frame equipped with a DedBolt™ system.

The kit includes:
- Crossbow Suppressor™ frame
- Medium-Clearance nosepiece

Frame fits all Cross Series™ lenses: Crossbow® , Suppressor™ and Crosshair™.

Kit Includes: Suppressor™ Frame in Terrain Tan and Crossbow® Nosepiece in Terrain Tan.

Tootekood: ESS 740-0450 ,   Laoseis: 4
25,00 €

ESS U-Rx Insert 740-0411

Tootekood: ESS 740-0308
38,00 €