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Tootekood: Franklin mosquito net
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Cot Mounted Mosquito Net.
(May also be deployed on the ground)
N.S.N 7210-99-881-6135

Description and use.

100% Knitted Polyester Mosquito netting ,colour olive drab
The maximum dimensions of the Cot Mounted mosquito when deployed are 1.1 mtrs high x 0.80 mtrs wide x 2.2 mtrs long. The net comes complete with a carrying bag containing the net, qty 2.flexible glass fibre Rods (seven sections linked together with bungee cord per Rod). (8mm diameter) and qty 4 metal securing pins.
The net is intended to mount on top of the in-service cot bed (NSN 7105-99-156-0177). But the net can also be deployed on the ground.

General Performance.
The Cot mounted mosquito net has the following capabilities
 Is Durable & rigid able to withstand repeated striking and erection in a military environment.
 Suitable for use inside & outside use.
 Is Self Supporting and free standing both inside a shelter and in the open.
 Is Capable of being secured to the ground, tent pins.
 Incorporates a sewn in water/spray repellant groundsheet and side wall.
 Is able to be deployed on hard or soft surfaces.
 Is easy and simple to erect by a single untrained person in less than five minutes.
 Is suitable to carry by one person.
 Is self contained within its own bag. maximum dimensions of bag 0.5mtrs long x 0.15mtrs diameter.
 Has instructions for erection sewn onto both the net and the bag.
 The weight of the Cot Mounted mosquito net no more than 2 Kg
 The net has a hanging facility.
 Can be securely fastened to the in-service cot bed.
 The net has a built in groundsheet and has side walls that prohibit the entry of pests,
 The net is able to absorb the pyrethriod insecticide in the form of Peripel and retain it.

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