Tactical Foodpack

The idea of freeze-dried food originates from the actual needs and requests of the Special Forces for lightweight and high-energy foodpacks, at the same time paying extra attention to the taste of the produce as well as its shelf-life. Therefore, we have created a product line that offers a 8-year shelf-life with no added preservatives or flavour enhancers, keeping its original Estonian qualities. All you need is some hot water, let it rest for a while, and enjoy the great taste straight from the pouch. Our products have been created and approved by Special Forces of different countries by fusing the needs and requirements on packaging as well as contents. We have also not forgotten about the high energy needs and the comforts of use. We use the freshest ingredients and follow the highest of quality standards. All our products also work with just adding cold water as it is not always possible to heat water. That makes our product suitable also for alpinists, hikers, and naturally the military. As Tactical Foodpack has been developed by people working in the most complicated and challenging situations, we are convinced that our foods meet the highest of standards. We are guided by the Special Forces principle: “Don’t f… with food!”

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Tactical Foodpack | Mediterranean Breakfast Shakshuka

A delicious Mediterranean breakfast with chickpeas and eggs. It is full of energy but without any meat. Enjoy as breakfast or main meal.

SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Mediterranean Breakfast Shakshuka | 480kcal ,   Qty: 18
8,90 €

Tactical Foodpack | Oatmeal and Apples

A delicious breakfast to which fresh freeze-dried apples have been added in order to give juiciness and freshness. The product contains real 82% butter for higher nutritional value.

100% natural, without preservatives and additives.

The dish is made with hot water in 6 minutes and with cold water in 12 minutes.

SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Oatmeal and Apples | 440kcal ,   Qty: 9
6,90 €

Tactical Foodpack | Rice Pudding and Berries

A delicious breakfast with 10% crushed raspberries. Energy-rich and sweet porridge, which gives strength to begin the day.

100% natural, without preservatives and additives.

The dish is made with hot water in 8 minutes, it cannot be consumed with cold water.

Energy content per portion is 450 kcal.


SKU: Tactical Foodpack | Rice Pudding and Berries | 450kcal ,   Qty: 19
6,90 €